The Innkeeper...

Your friendly and somewhat eccentric host is Metra Christofferson (that's me!).  I purchased the bed and breakfast in mid-August, 2003, and have been merrily pursuing "the good life" ever since. 

Not only do I manage, run, and live in the Old Johnson House Inn here in Hugo, Oklahoma, I also have an active nationwide consulting practice.  My consulting practice primarily focuses on database design and implementation...but I've been known to do other computer-related stuff when necessary. 

The "children" are Oliver Edwin Twist and Mercedes.  Ollie is half Pug and half Boston Terrier.    Mercy is a Rescued Doberman.  She is a small dobie, but she has an extra large bark.

For the week ending July 4, 2003, I brought my Father to Idabel, Oklahoma, to visit his sister and brother-in-law.  Once here, I found the air in this part of the country was a lot easier for me to breath than the air in Phoenix.  When I got back home, I looked for a job in this area, but couldn't find one listed on the internet.  I decided to be really depressed, and looked at real estate in the area listed on the internet, and this place jumped out and bit me.  I told my boss I thought I ought to move to Hugo where I could breathe better, and he said " could telecommute, perhaps." I said "Yes, please!"  Most of my co-workers never noticed I wasn't not there, so I guess that means it was successful.  Nowadays, my clients know where I am, which is usually on the phone with them.  I was greatly relieved when Hugo got Broadband and I could ditch the DSL.  Now I'm waiting for them to get the faster version of Broadband!  And 3G cell service!  I think we're on tin cans and string.  If you have Sprint and no roaming, you're out of luck in Hugo.  Best cell service in Hugo is US Cellular, followed by ATT.